Love letters – angry and otherwise

It may seem like I have been quite quiet this year. It is true I have not written many reviews, however I have been working on two really exciting projects that will be kickstarted later this year. Boxes is a new magazine from brilliant Scottish creator Steven Ingram. It will feature original comics from some wonderfully talented artists. Steven asked me if I would contribute … Continue reading Love letters – angry and otherwise

Back to the Badlands

Preview: Ignis Quadrant issue 2 Back in November last year I reviewed The Ignis Quadrant. This sci-fi Western draws on the likes of Firefly and The Mandalorian to deliver fast-paced space thrills.  The book is back with issue two now funding on Indiegogo. This issue sees troubled hero Montana facing some demons from his past and some interesting new characters make their debut. The team … Continue reading Back to the Badlands

Black and White and read all over

Penguins are important. What would Batman be without the Penguin? What would orca’s eat? Hell, there is a penguin in Edinburgh Zoo that is an officer in the Norwegian army. This is true by the way. In the world of comics the Penned Guin by Alan Henderson is the essential reference point for our Antarctic pals. You can get your hands on the collected 2019 … Continue reading Black and White and read all over