Love letters – angry and otherwise

It may seem like I have been quite quiet this year. It is true I have not written many reviews, however I have been working on two really exciting projects that will be kickstarted later this year. Boxes is a new magazine from brilliant Scottish creator Steven Ingram. It will feature original comics from some wonderfully talented artists. Steven asked me if I would contribute … Continue reading Love letters – angry and otherwise

Realm of Dusk

Samuel Hickson’s Liquid Realm The NorthernsLook at the North onesTheir brains are unhinged by the sun The Fall – R.O.D I have to thank Samuel Hickson. His story Nigel, Guru of the Suburbs gave me my biggest laugh in weeks. If you are a middle aged man having a mid-life crisis and thinking of moving to India, opening a small shop selling craft beers or guitars, … Continue reading Realm of Dusk

Tall Tales and KickBoxing Clerics

Berserker Monk Leland Bjerg – writer and letterer, Josh Thompson – pencils/inks, Gabriel Roldan – colours The hour grows late and the drinks are flowing. The tavern is filled with assorted lowlifes – thugs, pirates, mercenaries and throat cutters. Naturally the company turns towards the telling of tales. Well, we have all been in a pub like that at some time and there are certainly … Continue reading Tall Tales and KickBoxing Clerics

Scare Mongering

An Illustrated History of Ghosts Adam Allsuch Boardman, published by NoBrow There are no shortage of ghosts and ghost stories where I live. Edinburgh has more haints and apparitions than it has festival visitors. Well, nearly. Indeed a whole cottage industry has sprung up around the subject, offering ghost tours complete with someone ready to jump out and shout boo. You can also tour famously … Continue reading Scare Mongering

Artistic License

Blat issue 2 by Mat Greaves You know how it goes. You are a deep and culturally attuned person. You love visual art, and comics is the pinnacle of that art. You follow a bunch of artists on their ‘socials’ and you find the same personality clashes, obsessions and weirdness (and flashes of genius) that you find in, well pretty much any other topic. The … Continue reading Artistic License