!GAG! – Cover of the Week

Cover of the Week !GAG! from Harrier Comics, July 1987. Cover by Ed Pinsent. I had a nice follow up to this post from cover artist Ed Pinsent. How nice to see this. That’s my “painterly” drawing style – I went nuts with the flexible nib! I think Phil Elliott added the colours with hand-separation. This was the height of the so-called “black and white … Continue reading !GAG! – Cover of the Week

Did those feet in ancient times

A New Jerusalem by Benjamin Dickson published by New Internationalist As we stumble towards the latest Brexit political crisis we have heard of lot about our valiant island history and the sacrifices of our stoic forbears. ‘No deal? – well we managed through World War Two, through the blitz didn’t we?’ The reality of war is rather different of course and when the war is … Continue reading Did those feet in ancient times