Luck be a Lady – A brief history of Shamrock

Reading comics and collecting comics aren’t always synonymous. Some will spend years, decades, a lifetime hunting down runs of comics that they will never read. Why? They are completists, they like the thrill of the chase, the whiff of ancient newsprint and four color nostalgia. The long-sought comic in the back-issue bins, the box of bronze-age heaven that appears one day in a charity shop.  … Continue reading Luck be a Lady – A brief history of Shamrock

Happy Birthday Deadline!

Cover of the Week – Deadline issue 5 March 1989. Wired World by Philip Bond This week marks 30 years since the first issue of Deadline was released. Deadline was hugely important for British comics and marked something new. Its most obvious predecessor was Warrior which had shown that a British anthology style monthly featuring new work aimed at a ‘mature’ market, could be a … Continue reading Happy Birthday Deadline!