A Rag, A Bone, A Hank of Hair

We have starting points.  Sometimes we have restarting points. Sometimes we are reborn.

This blog is called Daredevils and Warriors. As some will know, this is a reference to two anthology comics that came out in the early 1980’s. The Daredevils published by Marvel UK and Warrior from Quality Comics. Both did huge amounts to further British comic creators like Alan Moore, David Lloyd, Alan Davis and Paul Neary. Both were attempts to restart comics publishing in the UK with original and groundbreaking work. For me they were a starting point and so an inevitable reference point for nostalgia.

Comics and nostalgia. A dangerous mix. For many nostalgia for the comics they read when they were young are the end point. They are what comics should always be. This is seldom good.

Change is the one constant in life. Comics will change according to the creators, the audience, the market, technology, society, politics, economics. Look at the impact of digital comics, and the way that software and the web have made access for creators easier.

The truth is that there was as much garbage ‘back in the day’ as there is now. And some brilliance. Nostalgia can celebrate the bad as well as the good and that is fine.

Daredevils and Warriors has been running on Tumblr for a couple of years – mostly focusing on historical British comics. Marvel UK, 2000 A.D., Crisis, Eagle and a bit of BD.

It occasionally ran reviews of new British comics too. There has been a wonderful explosion in comics creativity in recent years. Creating comics is no longer the preserve of thefull-time pro. The explosion in cons has also provided a marketplace and a community. Some of those who start out selling their own comics, prints and stickers at cons turn pro.

Enjoy the old and marvel in the new. In the first issue of The Daredevils our hero Captain Britain is reborn and sets out on a new path. I’d like to feature more reviews of original content along with the nostalgia, and that is something that Tumblr doesn’t always do well, so here we are.

We have starting points, sometimes we have restarting points. Sometimes we are reborn.

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