Scare Mongering

An Illustrated History of Ghosts Adam Allsuch Boardman, published by NoBrow There are no shortage of ghosts and ghost stories where I live. Edinburgh has more haints and apparitions than it has festival visitors. Well, nearly. Indeed a whole cottage industry has sprung up around the subject, offering ghost tours complete with someone ready to jump out and shout boo. You can also tour famously … Continue reading Scare Mongering

Artistic License

Blat issue 2 by Mat Greaves You know how it goes. You are a deep and culturally attuned person. You love visual art, and comics is the pinnacle of that art. You follow a bunch of artists on their ‘socials’ and you find the same personality clashes, obsessions and weirdness (and flashes of genius) that you find in, well pretty much any other topic. The … Continue reading Artistic License

Drowning in the River of Dreams

In Our Dreams Awake Co-creators John McGuire and Egg Embry Artists Edgar Salazar and Rolands Kalniņš. Letters and book design are by Alexander Lugo  In Our Dreams Awake is an imaginative and often original book that brings the reader into strange worlds, worlds seemingly visited in dreams. Just what, if anything, is real and what belongs to the dreamworld is left open. This is the … Continue reading Drowning in the River of Dreams

Back to Nature

Woodland Creatures volume 2: Wild Souls Cristina Roswell, Fali Ruiz-Dávila, Tomás Aira I reviewed the first volume of Woodland Creatures back in February 2020, when the world was different. The urban fantasy tale of humans lycanthropically linked to giant Amaroq wolves of Inuit legend focused on conflict, both personal and political. The conflict theme continues in the second volume. Our angst ridden anti-hero Calliope returns … Continue reading Back to Nature

Strictly Come Slashing

Final Boy issue 1 Writer & Letterer: Samuel Ethan Carter, Penciler & Inker: Marlon Souza, Colourist: Danilo Leao  Horror comics seem to be super popular in the indie comics world these days. The genre is evergreen and big enough that sub genres are also well represented. Case in point, Final Boy from writer Samuel Ethan Carter, artist Marlon Souza and colourist Danilo Leao which gives … Continue reading Strictly Come Slashing

John Constantine – the City and the Swamp

John Constantine is not a typical hero. Grubby trenchcoat and scruffy blonde hair. Good looking (strangely reminiscent of the young Sting). A smoker, who likes a drink and often to be found in the company of the type of woman who likes a bad lad, or thinks she can change him. There are often transformations of various types when you get involved with John but … Continue reading John Constantine – the City and the Swamp