The Wolf Comes out of the Woods

Vanguard Book Three – Dan Butcher Defeat is a state of mind. No one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality. The British superhero team. I love them, I especially love small press and indy versions and they continue to bring energy and invention to the genre. Vanguard is a long-running webcomic by Dan Butcher that has also been successfully collected … Continue reading The Wolf Comes out of the Woods

History Reclaimed

La Voz de M.A.Y.O.: Tata Rambo Writer Henry Barajas, Artist J. Gonzo, Letters Bernardo Brice, Editor Claire Napier Henry Barajas in La Voz de M.A.Y.O.: Tata Rambo has set out with great ambition to bring focus to a little-remembered part of recent American history. He has also brought to light the role of his great-grandfather – Ramon Jarigue –  and the highly effective grassroots campaigning … Continue reading History Reclaimed

Black and White and read all over

Penguins are important. What would Batman be without the Penguin? What would orca’s eat? Hell, there is a penguin in Edinburgh Zoo that is an officer in the Norwegian army. This is true by the way. In the world of comics the Penned Guin by Alan Henderson is the essential reference point for our Antarctic pals. You can get your hands on the collected 2019 … Continue reading Black and White and read all over

City of Sophistry

Memoirs of a Book Thief Written by Alessandro Tota, Illustrated by Pierre Van Hove, Translated by Edward Gauvin Paris in the early 1950’s wasn’t all philosophers smoking Gitanes on the Rive Gauche. It was a time of political tension and uncertainty. The old order had been destabilised by the nazi occupation. The Communist Party was popular, having played a leading role in the resistance, with … Continue reading City of Sophistry

Witches Matter

Plagued – The Miranda Chronicles. Written by Gary Chudleigh, art by Tanya Roberts A plague has ravaged the planet, a plague which it seems comes from the ground itself. Cities like Glasgow are reduced to burned out wastelands, preyed on by bandits. I once lived in Govan, so can relate to this, however in this instance the blame is placed on witches rather than multiple … Continue reading Witches Matter

Edge of Empire

Berezina by Ivan Gil & Frédéric Richaud, adopted from the novel by Patrick Rambaud It snowed. The winter burst avalanche-like over the endless blanched sheet of the plain. Nor chief, nor banner in order could keep. The wolves of warfare were wildered like sheep. I watched a documentary about the great Scottish painter Peter Howson recently. He is a serious minded man and not one given to … Continue reading Edge of Empire

The Fear

Knifepoint Horror Anthology – Eight Tales of Terror Stories by Soren Narnia adapted by V.V. Glass, Mr Picto, Chris Doherty, James Lawrence, John J. Pearson, Adam Caldwell, Charles Smith-Hopgood and MD Penman As soon as I went down a poorly-lit street the fear came on strong. The victim hadn’t just been stabbed. The victim had been displayed. Moonkeeper A man is temporarily homeless, just as … Continue reading The Fear