Edge of Empire

Berezina by Ivan Gil & Frédéric Richaud, adopted from the novel by Patrick Rambaud It snowed. The winter burst avalanche-like over the endless blanched sheet of the plain. Nor chief, nor banner in order could keep. The wolves of warfare were wildered like sheep. I watched a documentary about the great Scottish painter Peter Howson recently. He is a serious minded man and not one given to … Continue reading Edge of Empire

The Fear

Knifepoint Horror Anthology – Eight Tales of Terror Stories by Soren Narnia adapted by V.V. Glass, Mr Picto, Chris Doherty, James Lawrence, John J. Pearson, Adam Caldwell, Charles Smith-Hopgood and MD Penman As soon as I went down a poorly-lit street the fear came on strong. The victim hadn’t just been stabbed. The victim had been displayed. Moonkeeper A man is temporarily homeless, just as … Continue reading The Fear

Fresh Thoughts

Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival – November 2019, Harrogate As the floodplains of South Yorkshire faced inundation, travellers made their way, slowly, carefully and by unplanned routes around the waters and on to Harrogate. Through the magical towns along the railway line, Starbeck, Hammerton and Knaresborough – the town to where the murderers of Archbishop Thomas Becket fled in 1170. One can imagine the four … Continue reading Fresh Thoughts

Closing the Distance

Walking Distance by Lizzy Stewart Like Lizzy Stewart I like walking. I particularly like walking if I don’t have a destination or some kind of commitment to structure my path. What I really like is the independence and autonomy of walking. In Walking Distance Lizzy walks around London contemplating what it means to be an adult. She thinks of her cinematic role-models. Independent women making … Continue reading Closing the Distance