Rocky Road to Hell

Buzzard issue 3 Preview

Buzzard issue 3

I was fortunate enough to get a preview of the forthcoming issue of Buzzard by Andrea Wolf. Buzzard is a teenage hit-man from the gutters with a penchant for literature and a talent for killing. This issue sees him facing two struggles, one with his own libido and a more mortal struggle as he is sent to kill a veteran assassin. 

The road to Dublin proves to be a rocky one indeed as an over-confident and over-refreshed Buzzard faces a determined and cunning opponent. This issue really gets the story going, with the work of set up and exposition already undertaken in the first two issues. 

Our would be libertine leans a little heavily on his rakish charm and with enemies closing in he’ll need more than a boyish grin to get out of this one.

Buzzard issue 3 is funding now on Kickstarter.

Buzzard issue 3

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