Divided they Fall

2019 is the year we move from United to Divided. I refer of course to Jonny Cannon‘s The United comic. The United was the story of a modern UK superhero team, that didn’t shy away from the impact of our shifting political substructure, of a country that is ostensibly united, but divided by class, by nation and in so many other ways.

The United is coming to its conclusion this year with the final issue – the conclusion of the storyline which saw the title change to The Divided. Jonny kindly shared a preview of the issue which should be out later in the year. Also look out for his work with James McCulloch and Gavin Boyle, Transylvanian Knights.

Preview of The Divided by Jonny Cannon

You can buy Jonny’s comics at https://cannonhillcomics.bigcartel.com

Thanks to Jonny and to the mighty Joan ‘Safe from Harm’ Edam for letting me use their work in the new logo for this blog. The other images are a nice sketch of Faiza Hussain by John ‘Giant Days’ Allison that I got at Thought Bubble and of course Captain Britain by Herb Trimpe.

I’m always happy to feature news of upcoming work so feel free to drop me a line if there is anything you would like me to cover.

One thought on “Divided they Fall

  1. Hello.

    The new titles look great and thanks for doing an article on The Divided!

    I have a real soft spot for the series as it was the first comic I ever had in print. I will miss drawing most of the characters too. I’m still on a hige learning curve, but hopefully folk can see an improvement from issue 1 to 5 of The United then issue 1 of Portal Comics Anthology.

    This final part will likely appear in Portal Comics Anthology 2, which will almost certainly be an oversized issue. I aim to get this out in the second half of the year, but the pencils are mostly done.

    Thanks again!



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