Black and White and read all over

Penguins are important. What would Batman be without the Penguin? What would orca’s eat? Hell, there is a penguin in Edinburgh Zoo that is an officer in the Norwegian army. This is true by the way. In the world of comics the Penned Guin by Alan Henderson is the essential reference point for our Antarctic pals.

You can get your hands on the collected 2019 Penned Guin strips via Kickstarter now! In Alan’s own words this is “black and white penguin humour featuring the puns, dad jokes and cringing gags you’ve come to expect from our penguin crew”.

The Penned Guin always gives me a chuckle when I see it online and last years collection was a great read (and a great present actually as my sister can attest.)

The Kickstarter has various levels you can support, and will be the only way to get an exclusive t-shirt. Check it out here.

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