Kicker Conspiracy

Roundup of Amazing Kickstarters

Wow, there are a ton of Kickstarters on the go right now. As there will likely be no opportunity to purchase these at cons for a while, then I urge you to sign up and get some amazing comicy goodness delivered to your letterbox. There are also some nice reward tiers available for many of these like prints, sketches and original art pages. I love those!

Jennie Gyllblad and Pedro La Barba have launched issue 3 of By Man & Angels – A Sci-Fi Fairytale Comic. If (like me) you are jumping on here you can also get the first two comics in one of the tiers, while stocks last. Check it out now.

Jazz parrots in space, what else in By Man & Angels

Those pesky Antarcticans from the Penned Guin are back with a new collection title Coincidence. There are more than 100 pages with each of the daily cartoons that appeared online throughout 2020. Creator Alan Henderson brings a steady diet of penguinesque laughs that you can dip into when you need cheered up (we all need cheered up these days, right?) Click here for details of the Kickstarter.

Incoming Penguins

Saxon’s Second Hand Books is the new offering from Ash Deadman with art from Gustaffo Vargas. This Victorian occult thriller looks like an interesting concept with some great illustrations. Jump on it here!

Victorian Palimpsestousness

Gustaffo is also contributing to the Skrawl Comic Magazine alongside many other creators. Mark Hughes, Russell Mark Olson, Nick Prolix, Martin Simpson, Pete Taylor are all involved as founding Skrawl Lordz. There are also contributions from the likes of Lucy Sullivan, Phil Elliot, Rosie Packwood, Jessica Lucas, Matt Simmons, and Mark Stafford. Find the Kickstarter here.

Skrawling to a postbox near you

Secret Rites is a new book from Sammy Ward. A tale of Hellenic myth and mystery in the world of the Greek goddesses and gods. The previewed art looks impressive and the subject matter original. You can find the Kickstarter here.

Divine art from Sammy Ward

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