Love Bites

Midnight Widows issues 1 & 2

Doris V. Sutherland, Marcela Hauptvogelova, Jio Butler

Rosie Wigg, Delia Mihai, Rob Jones

Midnight Widows
Midnight Widows

Vampires are immortal and deathless, or so the stories would have us believe. The vampire genre is somewhat undead as well. Not only does it live on but like the vamps in Midnight Widows it has spawned sub-types and mutations. Dracula may provide the template but there are many wildly successful variants like Twilight. 

What is it about vampires that is so popular? Eternal youth and beauty is certainly tempting. The erotic charge of the vampire tale seems to be the thing that provides the main attraction however. For every creepy Nosferatu there is a darkly handsome Carpathian aristo. Seems like we want to be vampires and we also want to be victims of vampires. 

Snacking on a Nazi

Midnight Widows tells the story of a group of young women who have become vampires. I say young, but of course they are vampires and are not young at all. Escapees from thralldom in the distant castle of ‘The Count’, they decide to prey not on the innocent but on the guilty. Like some horror version of the Punisher they wreak vengeance on criminals, neo-Nazis and the like whilst getting a square meal at the same time.

The book has a webcomic feel with a cartoonish and manga influenced art style. This serves to lighten the horror element and whilst there are plenty of jugular veins being tapped it is not too graphic. Overall the area most heavily explored is the fetishistic side of vampirism. The three vampire ladies don’t all adhere to vampire or human body shape clichés and have sexy times with various handsome humans and each other. 

Sexy vamp is also trying to get his head around Plato’s Theory of Forms

Midnight Widows doesn’t take itself too seriously and should appeal to the webcomic crowd as well as the Whitby visiting goth contingent. The pace of the book is good and it doesn’t waste too much time with exposition. When death, immortality and sex are your themes coming up with compelling imagery is not a problem and boredom is not something that will trouble the reader.

Find out more about Midnight Widows and get your digital copies here.

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