Take the Leap

Daredevil and Frog-Man by Jonny Cannon
Daredevil and Frog-Man by Jonny Cannon

Absolutely cracking Daredevil and Frog-Man commission from Jonny Cannon. He could also be Leap-Frog of course as the spring heeled amphibian wonder originated as a Daredevil villain.

Daredevil 25  Leap Frog by Gene Colan
Leap Frog makes his debut thanks to Stan Lee and Gene Colan

Leap-Frog’s costume was taken up by his son who tried to make the switch to hero. His antics were usually fairly disastrous however.

Spectacular Spider-Man 185 by Sal Buscema
Sal Buscema with a father-son-spidey portrait

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