Comics and Chips

Glasgow Comic Con 29th June 2019

Europe roasts, Catalonia is ablaze and across the shires of England the yeomanry fire up the barbeque and empty corner shop beer fridges in council estate and village green alike. In the lands to the North optimistic Scots set forth with joy in their eyes, clad only in t-shirts, the more daring in shorts. They have a destination on this fine summer day. The quest will take them to Glasgow Concert Hall for Glasgow Comic Con 2019. In the distance grey clouds swirl and reform into black thunderheads. Their time would come, but not yet. They had patience.

The 2019 Con had a great line up of guests including Chip Zdarsky, Brian Stelfreeze, Nick Roche, Al Ewing, Frank Quitely and Ian Kennedy. I went to three of the panels, two hosted by PanelxPanel editor and letterer extraordinaire Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. And of course the concluding genius of Silence! To Astonish featuring Al Kennedy, the Beast Must Die and Gary Lactus. Chip Zdarsky being blindfolded and ordered to detect the flavour of crisps from their sound will stay with me for a long time.

As a con focused squarely on comics there was a great turn out from the Scottish comics scene and from further afield.

One way to meet a few was to pick up a copy of the Lang Walk Hame – a relatable tale of a trip home from the pub when you should have gone before you left and featuring an array of Scottish artistic talent alongside that of writer Peter Watson. I did manage to get it signed by the attending artists although I have a horrible feeling I was the only adult doing that particular treasure hunt.

I picked up a lot of comics, too many really. Is that possible? Among those I am looking forward to reading include 50Signal from Nick Gonzo, The Legend of La Mariposa from James Lawrence, and The Lizard by Martin Flink from Accent UK (I’ve already started that one and it’s great!)

Griff Gristle looks great too as do the two concluding issues of Space Captain. Cydo from John Tucker is an amazing A2 format comic/poster and available at cons only kids.

Finally a huge shout out to Jonny Cannon – I asked for a sketch of Black Knight and got this amazing Excalibur cover.

Excalibur commission from Jonny Cannon

And when did the darkness descend? Well it was not until I stepped off the platform at Haymarket Station that the heavens opened to wash the tourists from streets of Edinburgh. The clouds need comics too.

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