The Fear

Knifepoint Horror Anthology – Eight Tales of Terror Stories by Soren Narnia adapted by V.V. Glass, Mr Picto, Chris Doherty, James Lawrence, John J. Pearson, Adam Caldwell, Charles Smith-Hopgood and MD Penman As soon as I went down a poorly-lit street the fear came on strong. The victim hadn’t just been stabbed. The victim had been displayed. Moonkeeper A man is temporarily homeless, just as … Continue reading The Fear

Iron Butterfly

The Legend of La Mariposa by James Lawrence La Mariposa is a luchadora, a legendary one at that. What, you may ask, is a luchadora? A female luchador obviously – a luchador being a masked Mexican wrestler. The flashy antics and crazy storylines of WWE owe a lot to the Mexican version of the sport – lucha libre. Mexican wrestlers are closer to superheroes, wearing … Continue reading Iron Butterfly

Comics and Chips

Glasgow Comic Con 29th June 2019 Europe roasts, Catalonia is ablaze and across the shires of England the yeomanry fire up the barbeque and empty corner shop beer fridges in council estate and village green alike. In the lands to the North optimistic Scots set forth with joy in their eyes, clad only in t-shirts, the more daring in shorts. They have a destination on … Continue reading Comics and Chips