Zero Howls Contract

Lycan by Rachel Cush

Bears, ravens. What comes next for the intrepid comics reviewer? Well as the nights darken and the cold winds begin to shriek in anguish through the trees it has to be wolves. Werewolves to be specific.

It’s not easy being a young person making their way in the modern workplace. Zero hours contracts, the gig economy. If, like Felix, you are a lycanthrope, well that’s another complicating factor. Bullying workmates who wind you up, who push you. And stress is the last thing you need when you might succumb to the ancient disease within you and turn into a terrifying beast from your worst nightmares.

Lycan follows Felix and his boyfriend Luca, both werewolves. Felix is different though, he seems to have contracted lycanthropy through a pill. This comic is really a taster for the webcomic, where you can follow the deepening trouble that finds Felix and Luca and the mystery behind contemporary lycanthropy.

If I held a grudge every time someone wronged me I’d be more grudge than man.  – Luca

Lycan is character driven and we quickly develop sympathy for Felix and Luca, in their everyday lives as well as their supernatural adventures. Rachel has a real ear for dialogue and the result is more Buffy than Twilight (this is a good thing incidentally.)

This comic is well worth picking up both for the striking cover and the introduction to our heroes ongoing adventures and one for fans of urban fantasy like Martin Millar’s Lonely Werewolf Girl. Certainly not a howler.

Read more of Lycan at Tapas or Webtoons 

Catch up with the author on Instagram or Twitter.



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