That’s so Valravn

Valravn by Zhou Fang

Zhou Fang is the SICBA award winning author of Garden. Garden is an arresting work of imagination which fully deserves the praise it has garnered and I really should be reviewing it, but instead I’m taking a look at Valravn. This short comic tells a tale from Viking Denmark.

The Valravn is a raven of great cunning…power and trickery…It would not be easy to catch. It flies only by night, and hunts battlefields for the flesh of kings.

I like crows, ravens, magpies, jackdaws…corvids generally. They are clever, adaptable and sociable. The mother and child in this tale live in the snowy north. The child has met a raven. Could it be the Valravn? Like all headstrong children in tales, they set out to hunt the legendary creature. But the Valravn needs to devour the heart of a child to become human and you should be careful of strangers met in the night.


The risograph printing from Edinburgh’s Out of the Blueprint looks great and is a perfect fit – using just a few blues, yellows and greys to conjure up the raven and the snowy night. The author’s art style combined with this palette lends the comic a naive quality but with an unsettling edge. Like all good folk tales really.

There are so many talented people producing remarkable comics in Scotland today, a visit to a con or a well stocked local comics shop will reveal treasures like this and many more besides. Let the raven devour your heart.

Encounter the author at their website.


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