Did those feet in ancient times

A New Jerusalem by Benjamin Dickson published by New Internationalist As we stumble towards the latest Brexit political crisis we have heard of lot about our valiant island history and the sacrifices of our stoic forbears. ‘No deal? – well we managed through World War Two, through the blitz didn’t we?’ The reality of war is rather different of course and when the war is … Continue reading Did those feet in ancient times

Out of Time

Brigantia by Chris Mole, Melissa Trender, Nikki Foxrobot As a new kickstarter has been announced for issue 2 of Brigantia, I thought it would be timely to talk about Brigantia issue 1 – Stranger in a Strange Land which I picked up last year. A flame-haired Celt gets in a fight and ends up wandering in a confused fashion outside of Embankment tube in London. … Continue reading Out of Time

Automatic for the Sheeple

Alex Automatic issue 3. Fraser Campbell, Colin Bell, David B Cooper and James Corcoran. This is the third issue of the super-spy psycho-thriller Alex Automatic from Cabal Comics and among the Kickstarter rewards was a soundtrack (from Allan Swan) that may put you in mind of a freaky 70’s kids TV show with a BBC Radiophonic Workshop theme tune. Think Dr Who but less wholesome. … Continue reading Automatic for the Sheeple