Defrosting History

The Stowaways – The Story of the Boys on the Ice by John Donald – adapted by Ardgowan Primary School with artist Mhairi M Robertson and writer Paul Bristow Magic Torch comics are doing amazing work with Scottish schools using comics to promote literacy.  You may have seen their brilliant history/comics mash-ups including the story of the Stone of Destiny heist in the style of … Continue reading Defrosting History

One for Sorrow, Two for Joy, Three for a Girl

Magpie by Kathryn Briggs “We raise our fervent prayer in defiant devotion: Fuck you. May the spirit of Other bless and keep you always” Gods and goddesses contest their wills in an endless cycle of victory and defeat, desire and revulsion, hope and despair. They meddle with the lives of mortals at their whim. But can the glorious clashes of the gods compare with the … Continue reading One for Sorrow, Two for Joy, Three for a Girl

Feeling Gravity’s Pull

SHIFT: Gravitaxis by Ver “Shift sway rivers shift, oceans fall and mountains drift It’s a Man Ray kind of sky Let me show you what I can do with it” REM, Feeling Gravity’s Pull Daniel has episodes. He has episodes that he can’t explain, can’t tell anyone about. That make no sense. He finds himself falling uncontrollably through the sky. All he wants to do … Continue reading Feeling Gravity’s Pull


Safe From Harm by Joan Edam I ventured to Small Press Day in Edinburgh last weekend. In a room off the lower sub-basement of the magnificent and sprawling Edinburgh Central Library (enjoy it now before it gets turned into a hotel/student flats/luxury apartments.) The very first person I met was Joan who charmed me into picking up some of his work. I’m glad I did. … Continue reading Unsafe