Tall Tales and KickBoxing Clerics

Berserker Monk Leland Bjerg – writer and letterer, Josh Thompson – pencils/inks, Gabriel Roldan – colours The hour grows late and the drinks are flowing. The tavern is filled with assorted lowlifes – thugs, pirates, mercenaries and throat cutters. Naturally the company turns towards the telling of tales. Well, we have all been in a pub like that at some time and there are certainly … Continue reading Tall Tales and KickBoxing Clerics

Drowning in the River of Dreams

In Our Dreams Awake Co-creators John McGuire and Egg Embry Artists Edgar Salazar and Rolands Kalniņš. Letters and book design are by Alexander Lugo  In Our Dreams Awake is an imaginative and often original book that brings the reader into strange worlds, worlds seemingly visited in dreams. Just what, if anything, is real and what belongs to the dreamworld is left open. This is the … Continue reading Drowning in the River of Dreams

Hammer and Sickle House of Horror

Octobriana Hammer by John R. Short and Andrew Richmond Octobriana is a concept that I have been vaguely aware of for a while. A cheesecake she-dragon who is a kind of communist Vampirella. There is an interesting two page history of the character included in the book. She is a samizdat superheroine, supposedly smuggled from underground groups in the former Soviet Union who were presumably … Continue reading Hammer and Sickle House of Horror