Bad for your elf

Sprout, written and illustrated by Craig Sinclair Sprout is an adorable elf, dressed in brightly coloured garb and striding through his fairy tale home with an optimistic spring in his step. Sprout could come from the pages of many works of Twentieth Century children’s fiction. He is straight from Enid Blyton central casting, set the controls for the centre of the Magic Faraway Tree. But … Continue reading Bad for your elf

So…it goes

So Buttons by Jonathan Baylis So Buttons is described by author Jonathan Baylis as ‘the newer magazine of weird auto-bio’. In the spirit of Harvey Pekar and David Robertson, the book has several autobiographical stories by Jonathan, illustrated by a variety of artists, many of whom are well known names in comics.  Jonathan’s tales of old comic shops, celebrities exceeding expectations and obscure Jack Kirby … Continue reading So…it goes


All the Places In-Between by John Cei Douglas Nothing that exists is static or unchanging. Not the mountains, not the oceans, not time itself. Our mental health is ever changing – a bit like the seasons. All the Places In-Between sees a young woman travel through an ever-changing landscape. At times it is a vista of collapsing ruins, at others there are places of solace … Continue reading Adrift

In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Alone in Space – A Collection by Tillie Walden Alone in Space collects several of Tillie Walden’s stories together in one volume. The End of Summer, I Love This Part and A City Inside along with some rare early work. Tillie Walden restores to comics some elements that have got a little lost. The surreal, the innocence of youth. The moments after you awake from … Continue reading In the Land of Wonderful Dreams

Victorian Values

Merrick the Sensational Elephant Man Writer – Tom Ward, Artist – Luke Parker, Letterer – Micah Myers, Editor – Clare Lenton Victorian London has long been a place that has stimulated the imagination of writers. From the world of fiction we have Sherlock Holmes, Fagin and the Artful Dodger and even Dracula himself strode the foggy streets. The world of non-fiction might be even richer. … Continue reading Victorian Values