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Booze Ha Ha

Writer: David Robertson. Artist: David Robertson, with 18 short stories drawn respectively by Clio Ding, Zu Dominiak, Ali Hodgson, Rebecca Horner, Asuna Ikeshima, Marc KC, Tim Kelly, Francesca Mancuso, Norrie Millar, Emma Oosterhouse, Neil Paterson, Mike Sedakat, Abi Wye, Pam Wye, and Cherish York.
Published by Fred Egg Comics
Booze Ha Ha
Booze Ha Ha

It is always good news when a new book arrives from Fred Egg Comics. Booze Ha Ha is the latest arrival. Written by David Robertson and featuring several short strips with a variety of artists including David himself. The book offers a look into the author’s head with everything from sci-fi fandom to reflections on the state of the world. 

The stand out strip in the book is ‘Love in Lockdown’. “Oh no” I hear you cry, “not another lockdown comic, give us a break”. Well, don’t worry. This tale of love in the multi’s (high rise flats) is both an original take on the harsh world of fairy tales and a reflection on class during the pandemic. Lucinda loves Liam but her evil stepmother wants her back from her one hour exercise period promptly, and to socially distance from Liam permanently. As David points out in his notes for this issue, social distancing is not so easy when you live in a high rise flat alongside dozens of others, sharing a lift or a cramped stairwell. The intervention of a magical talking pigeon takes the tale in a new and decidedly Grimm direction.

Booze Ha Ha
Love in Lockdown

Another subject that the book covers is the world of fandom, or at least the musings of a fan. Harrison Ford in particular gets some attention both as Han Solo and Indiana Jones, with the sort of little questions that occur to you after seeing a film a few times. Dave Prowse, West Country dark lord and road crossing supremo is there.  Even John Travolta, the John the Baptist of Scientology puts in an appearance.

Another joy is David’s Terrahawks strip. Like David I remember this more from the toy ads in Marvel UK publications than from the show itself. The strip manages to capture the feel of that era with lots of focus on character design and hardware within unusual panel shapes.

Journey into Space

As well as from David himself there are artistic contributions from several artists. Among my favourites are Zu Dominiak with a monstrous ebay purchase. Ross Purdie provides lovely pencils on Shared Memory, a tale of tumbleweed twitter contributions. Rebecca Horner brings to life the tough life of a bee on a bus. Norrie Millar gives us a birthday consideration with a Wired World vibe. Emma Oosterhaus contributes a loud and bright debate on mid-Atlantic speech idioms.

I wish there were more comics out there like those created by David, but there again, I’m not sure anyone else could create one. Secure your copy today!


You can get your copy of Booze Ha Ha from the Fred Egg website, along with lots of other comics from David Robertson.

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