Primordial PostScript

The Bones of the Sea

The Bones of the Sea by Gareth A Hopkins

When we have dead time, down time we can think. Our thoughts can take detours and reform in new ways. Routine, domestic moments can lead us to very different thought worlds.

The Bones of the Sea takes us on that journey. A journey that leads to meditations on death, decay but also the cyclical nature of life. The dead that nourish the living. The oceans reclaiming their prize. The pig becoming a school lunch.

It’s dry under the sea, filled with the calcified remains of gigantic plants and animals that have been dead longer than anybody you have ever heard of.

Gareth’s art style is an sworl of impressionistic and abstract forms. The human brain automatically picks out shapes. A face here. A parrot there. A tropical fish. In much the same way we imagine objects among the everyday things we observe routinely – things we pass in the road, things we see in the page. Mistakes, errors and rejects.

Things thrown away, things that are not quite right. Can you still find truth in them, something unintended? Accidental visions. A eureka moment? The shapes are strewn with these. Printing errors, PostScript errors. Are they telling us something, something other than update our drivers?

Lovecraftian horrors are also the everyday. The routine is the fantastic. Our routine, our normal and boring is a thing of awe.

The Bones of the Sea by Gareth A Hopkins will be launching at Thought Bubble 2019.

You can also get copies of his other comics A Hill To Cry Home and Petalburn at Thought Bubble or from his webstore. Catch up with Gareth on his website or Twitter.

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