Captain Betsy

Cover of the Week – Captain Britain 13 – January 1986

The news from San Diego is that Excalibur is back. Well it has come back a couple of times before with mixed results so I will suspend my judgement on that announcement. One new feature is that Captain Britain will be Betsy Braddock – Brian’s sister and better known as Psylocke from the X-Men. Psylocke has a terribly complicated and somewhat controversial story – go and seek out the relevant episode of Jay and Miles Explain the X-Men for full details.

But of course this is a return to the mantle of Captain Britain for Betsy. She first donned the red, white and blue in the Marvel UK title Captain Britain issue 13 in January 1986. Written and drawn (magnificently as ever) by Alan Davis.

It was quite an issue in many ways. It also featured a text story by one Grant MorrisonCaptain Granbretan with illustrations by John Stokes. There was also spin-off strip The Cherubim by Mike Collins and Mark Farmer and some reprint Black Knight (Steve Parkhouse and John Stokes) and Night-Raven (Steve Parkhouse and David Lloyd) strips. The icing on the cake was a Night-Raven fact-sheet (or Mastermind Specification Scan) and an ad for the Marvel Superheroes tabletop RPG game featuring stats for Captain Britain. Good times.

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