The Upside Down

Plan A/Plan B by John Tucker

Another title I picked up from Dunfermline Comic Con 2019 was Plan A/Plan B by John Tucker. I always have a lot of time for creators who use the format to push the boundaries. After all you can’t get a Netflix show that tells two interweaving stories, can be read in reverse and meets in the middle, well maybe you could but I have no idea how.

What’s the backup plan? There is no backup plan.

Plan A

Plan A deals with the scheme by a group of incarcerated jewel thieves to escape from prison, and grab their loot. They are ruthless men with a simple plan. What if their plot fails? Well, too bad, there is no Plan B. Or is there?

We had to go with Plan B in the end.

Plan B

Flip the book over and to find Plan B, a very different tale. Plan B looks at another and altogether stupider plan, to scatter a relative’s ashes on the moon. How to get them to the moon though? Ask NASA of course…well, no dice there unfortunately. So get the most expensive fireworks you can find and build your own booster rocket.

When two Plans collide on the same fateful evening and when two stories meet at the staples then there truly are fireworks.

This is a simple, fun tale and John’s art has a lot of charm and an art style reminiscent of Raymond Briggs. The colouring takes advantage of the night time setting to bathe the pages in soft lighting. This is a tale that could only be told in the comics format, so grab a copy and enjoy.

Find John Tucker at and on Twitter and Instagram

John will be releasing another experimental format comic Cydo at Glasgow Comic Con.

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