Gimme Shelter

Edinburgh Comic Con 2019

The rain it rained. It rained on the just and the unjust. It rained on the Jambo and it rained on the Hibee. It rained on the United and it rained on the Divided. It rained on the folks going to the Edinburgh Comic Con at the EICC.

I couldn’t stretch to a commission from any of the international guests but many of the finest among the small press were there. I picked up a few comics I had not seen before some of which I’ve already had the pleasure of reading.

Blue Collars from Tom Smith and Clare Thompson looks into the future of society and where deregulation and the gig economy plus capitalism’s cyclical boom and bust is leading us. In an economy like ours that relies on debt for ‘growth’, this vision of the return of indentured servitude is all too possible. From the same stall The Foxglove Woods from Katie Whittle at Frisson Comics uses colour and tone to set the mood for dark deeds in the forest.

Another scary wood, Wendigo Wood from Afterlight Comics is an arresting and original British horror. No Alpha Flight with these Wendigo’s but plenty of primal fear.

The Hero Dies Alone from Chris Phillips is a colourful tale inspired by JRPG’s. Not my field of expertise but looks like a lot of fun.

First Constructs from Mindstain Comics is a story of a near future dystopia. Yes it is an increasing challenge to keep up with reality in this genre.

Blackwood Circus from Lily Pressland and Sandy Greig asks the question, what would you do if you woke up with no memory and were told you had just signed up to join the circus? A tale of demons and big tops that looks great.

Nice to meet Tony from the Awesome Comics Podcast crew and to see Jonny Cannon and Gavin Boyle of Portal Comics/Escape from Coatbridge/The United as well as Alan Henderson of The Penned Guin and fellow back issue bin browser Joan Edam of Safe From Harm.

The aforementioned back issue bins also yielded a treasure trove of Marvel UK including some wonderful original covers from the likes of Alan Davis that I look forward to sharing with you! Meanwhile enjoy some pictures of various comics folks looking embarrased and uncomfortable as I point a phone at them. Sorry if any names are wrong or missing, feel free to let me know!

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