One for Sorrow, Two for Joy, Three for a Girl

Magpie by Kathryn Briggs

“We raise our fervent prayer in defiant devotion: Fuck you. May the spirit of Other bless and keep you always”

Gods and goddesses contest their wills in an endless cycle of victory and defeat, desire and revulsion, hope and despair. They meddle with the lives of mortals at their whim. But can the glorious clashes of the gods compare with the drama of human life? Not in the dusty streets of Ur, not in the oak groves of Celtic Britain and not in the forums of Athens. Human life has more joy and pain than mythology can convey.

Magpie is a collection of short comics by Kathryn Briggs. In it you will find goddesses and muses, you will stir the cauldron on the moors with the witches from Macbeth. You will also meet cats who live in the closes of Dundee tenements, and women recapturing their lives,  the one in three weaving a new destiny from the loom of the three norns, the three fates, the three witches.

Can the voyages of Ulysses compare with the battle against immigration bureaucrats, or exile to a foreign land…to be a waitress?

The quality of writing in Magpie is extraordinary and communicates human struggle alongside the mundane and the uncanny. The artwork uses a bold range of styles, pencil, watercolour, ink; joyfully playing with the comics medium. I can only join in with the many voices recommending Magpie. Pick it up at a Con, or contact the author. You can scry with runes or just send an email as you please.

Magpie is published by Throwaway Press, London UK. You can find Kathryn at or on Twitter @withryn




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