Feeling Gravity’s Pull

SHIFT: Gravitaxis by Ver

“Shift sway rivers shift, oceans fall and mountains drift
It’s a Man Ray kind of sky
Let me show you what I can do with it”

REM, Feeling Gravity’s Pull

Daniel has episodes. He has episodes that he can’t explain, can’t tell anyone about. That make no sense. He finds himself falling uncontrollably through the sky. All he wants to do is get home and get changed in time to make his shift. The worst possible time for one of his episodes.

But something is different this time, even more different than usual. Someone else is there and they seem to know what they are doing.


I picked up this short comic from Ver at the Glasgow Comic Con. It is beautifully drawn with fantastic use of perspective as you might expect given the events depicted. However it is the use of colour that is most striking.

On the cover Daniel’s head explodes in a pastel watercolour burst and his jacket has bright yellow edgings. As he falls he encounters a mysterious figure with a bright yellow jacket with black stripes (and a useful baseball bat.) Yellow promises peril, other worldliness, adventure. The end paper is bright yellow promising more to come. There is even a sticker of the bold yellow clad individual with the comic.

The story doesn’t get much further than that, but there are other episodes to come.

Ver’s store seems to be offline at the moment, but you can pick up their work at cons including the upcoming Thought Bubble in September or check them out on tumblr.


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