Not all those who wander are lost

Marina and the Wanderer by Kat Hall

Marina is lost. She is a forest mage in training and has been left in the forest with only minimal tools and has to get back to her school. But her magic is failing her, undermined by her own lack of confidence. I can sympathize with Marina, I was once dropped in the hills with my Scout patrol and had to navigate my way back with only a map and compass. I’ll pass over the details but suffice to say I had not paid much attention during map and compass lessons and, unlike Marina, did not meet a kindly embodiment of the season Spring.

Marina and the Wanderer is a beautiful full colour comic from Kat Hall and set in the same world as her creation The Curios of Paper Moon. The comics I have picked up at cons have really been hints at this world, called Little Garden, and I would love to read more. Hopefully Kat will be commissioned by Studio Gibhli to produce an epic trilogy based on her work. The style of Marina is very much in the bright and lush style of Studio Gibhli animation and the themes are those of setting out in life, finding your way and building your confidence. You can get there, even if you didn’t pay attention in map and compass lessons.

For more details and to order copies see One Little Apple.


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