Dialectical Aetherialism

Powers – Fearful & Divine Written by Cy Dethan, art by RHStewart and letters by Nic Wilkinson The Victorian era is often thought of as a time of progress. The industrial revolution unleashed a golden age of engineering. New scientific discoveries like Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution unlocked the secrets of life. The industrial transformation of society was studied by political philosophers like Karl Marx … Continue reading Dialectical Aetherialism

Something Fishy

The Shadow Over Innsmouth Part One: Descent Into Innsmouth by Simon Birks, with art by R. H. Stewart, and letters by Lyndon White H.P. Lovecraft is a writer who has made a tremendous impact on popular culture. His influence can be felt in books, games, music, films and of course comics. Among the many comics showing a Lovecraftian influence are Hellboy, Locke and Key and Alan … Continue reading Something Fishy