Artistic License

Blat issue 2 by Mat Greaves You know how it goes. You are a deep and culturally attuned person. You love visual art, and comics is the pinnacle of that art. You follow a bunch of artists on their ‘socials’ and you find the same personality clashes, obsessions and weirdness (and flashes of genius) that you find in, well pretty much any other topic. The … Continue reading Artistic License

Hangovers and Hope

Blat! Issue 1 by Mat Greaves Blat is the new comic being imminently kickstarted by creator Mat Greaves. I enjoyed Reefers and Riffs, his Murun Buchstansangur meets Charlie Parker comic which I reviewed here. Not only that he did what surely must be the definitive take on middle-aged Shamrock for me. The influence of the American underground can be felt in the book which consists … Continue reading Hangovers and Hope